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I would be moe interested in more information about
Trajan Popovici, his formative years and his beliefs.
I thik he was one of the great men who was completely
sincere in attempting to save jewish lives.
gerta alper wingerd
--- lehaci florentin <>

> Dear former and actually Czernowitzers,
> Thank you all those who replied to my appeal and
> offered information
> about Traian Popovici and the way in which they
> survived.
> I thought over and over whether I sent you this
> message. I see that
> there are some uncertain aspects about his person. I
> want to clarify
> some details that I observed in my correspondence
> with you.
> 1. There were 2 kinds of certificates> one of
> Popovici's and one
> of Calotescu's (governor).
> 2. I know that Calotescu gave more certificates than
> Traian
> Popovici, but in exchange of money.
> 3. The no. 20000 saved Jews belongs to Popovici as a
> result of
> his intervention. But he didn't signed more than
> 4000/5000
> certificates. This no. exactly had been planned to
> be deported during
> June 1942. As I know Traian Popovici had just been
> removed from his
> office in December 1941.
> 4. There was an economical strategy in the selection
> of those
> who had to remain in Czernowitz. I know that the
> mayor exceed that
> order offering the permits even to those didn't fit
> the selection
> criterion.
> 5. For this "abuse", Traian Popovici was removed,
> even him
> confessing this in his autobiography. I hope you
> read it.
> 6. I don't think that Popovici can be blamed of an
> intervention
> only from the economical point of view. I think that
> he was a great
> man who acted without any interest , risking his own
> position/job. As
> a matter of fact this is what finally happened.
> 7. I have the chance to read his poems written in
> his two last
> years, in which he express this soul pain, not for
> what he had done
> but maybe for the lack of gratitude. Many of them
> refer to death.
> There are quite pessimistic.
> 8. I think there is no doubt that there cannot be o
> comparison
> between Shindler and Traian Popovici. The mayor had
> a model education
> which he fallowed consequently and even inn that
> troubled period. It
> was not the case of Schindler's (whose merits remain
> undoubtfully).
> There is a question in what concerns the Shindler's
> motivation. For
> Traian Popovici all seems be clear. I hope you agree
> with me. At
> least, that is my opinion according to my research.
> I wrote this because I noticed that there were some
> questionabout the
> motivation of T.P's intervention.
> I know his is appreciated as a savior, like
> Shindler, but I want to
> know that the doubts concerning the mayor's
> motivation will
> disappear.Also, there is a rough written statement
> which belonged to
> Dori Popovici (1942)who was the Traian Popovici's
> uncle, former
> Minister without portfolio, importantpolitical man
> who died in prison
> after 1950. He addressed to Antonescu criticizing
> their crimes
> against the Jews. I know that Traian Popovici lived
> for a while with
> his uncle. I think that there he formed his
> character(humanity).
> Also, the religious education from home wasn't
> unimportant.
> I looked for and found out the Traian Popovici's
> biography,written by
> his brother. Andrew requested me to give him more
> information about
> T.P.' childhood. I will begin soon to do it. If you
> are interested in
> it, then I will give more details about his life on
> CZ list. If not I
> will send only to Andy. I don't have all information
> about his life,
> but I will continue the research.
> I expect objections regarding my notes.
> Best wishes,
> Florentin
> P.S. It's not true that Traian Popovici is known in
> Romania.Indeed
> there is a small street in Bucharestwith his name,
> but it due some
> difficult interventions. However his deeds are
> completeunknown even
> in Bucharest.
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