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My maternal grandparents, Markus / Mordecai Spiegel and Pessie Stadler
Spiegel are buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Queens, at Block 54. They lived in
Czernovitz for close to 40 years, emigrating to NYC after surviving the war.
Eytan Fichman

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Hi Jane,

Benjamin, Bertha and Arthur April, along with eleven other people with the
surname April, are buried in Mt.Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, New York in a
Czernowitz-Bukowina Lodge society plot.
You can learn their given names and find out more burial information by
doing an Interment Search at .
There are actually thirty-five people with the April surname who are buried
in the five New York City cemeteries of Mts. Ararat, Carmel, Hebron, Judah
and Zion. I will send you an Excel spreadsheet with the information.

Steve Lasky
New York
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