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Hi all, there was at least one house full of jews that remained in
Czernowitz. My mother knew one of the Romanian princesses..and she helped.
I still remember a Rumanian sentry outside our house,and that is how we
avoided deportation. There were probably others who hid or had what in
Israel is called protectzia or vitamin P and survived. This is why to say
19687 jews remained in Czernowitz is incorrect...i think we should just use
a round figure such as 20000 . in our home we had a few who also hid
there...and all these survived too. cornel

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Dear Mimi,

I feel that the figure "19600" carries an implication of being fairly exact,
i.e. it is not 19500 or 19700.

On the other hand, being a round number, "20000" does not (for me)
necessarily carry a similar implication of precision.

Just my twopennyworth.


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> Dear Mimi and all together who are interested,
> I apologize for my intervention regarding the number of saved Jews. I
> think, if it is allowed this opinion, that it must be avoided to
> write an exactly number. Especially as the number is uncertain.
> Traian Popovici also says in his testimony: 'The Jews remaining in
> Cernauti after the deportation numbered 19,689, according to the
> December 1941 census.' What do you think about it? Do you think that
> it should write this number? I agree to Hardy, that the number is
> less important and more important are the deeds. (even if it would
> have been saved only one Jew, but it wasn't only one man)
> Maybe it should be written :'approximately 20.000 Jews'. This is my
> opinion and you don't have to consider it.
> Good luck,
> Florentin
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