[Cz-L] "Spovedania" by Traian Popovici

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Dear all,
Many thanks to Mimi and Florence for sending me the original Romanian
version of the "Spovedania". I read it thoroughly and think that it is
indeed an important historical document.

I have two comments:
    a. The number of Jews permitted to stay in Cz. was more than 20,000.
It is very clearly stated by Popovici on page 18 (at the end of the
"Spovedania"). It stands to reason, since the figure of 19,689 (based on a
questionable reliability of a census conducted in December 1941), or any
other lower figure is not better than the author's personal estimate.
    b. I was very excited when I finished the reading. He was more than
just a "Real Mensch". I sincerely believe that Traian Popovici deserves much
more than just a plaque somewhere in Cz. Is there still a possibility to do
something about that ?

Regards, Abraham K.
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