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I am sorry, but I think that disclosing the names of the people
I am negotiating with in Chernivtsi, would be counterproductive.
I can assure you only that it is being done at the highest level
and includes the mayor, also as I have written before, the city
administration's expectation that the facts referred to,
on the plaque, bee correct, is entirely reasonable.


> Hi mimi, you keep referring to the city authorities with whom you have been
> in contact.could you let us know who these people are and at what level of
> authority/decisionmaking power? Thanks, cornel
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> I appreciate the good intentions of all who have written on this subject.
> But as I have written before, the city authorities have questioned me on
> this matter and I asked Dr.Radu Ioanid author of "Holocaustul in Romania"
> to write them what the number of people saved by Traian Popovici was.
> Dr. Ioanid could not write to Chernivtsi himself, but one of his colleagues
> at the Holocaust Museum did.
> A letter was sent to the city authorities, giving the number as 19600.
> This is a copy of the relevant part of the letter:
>>> to retain in the city some 15, 600 Jews as
>>> "specialists", along with some 4, 000 others to whom he himself had
>>> issued"
>>> temporary permits"
>>> This information is based on the archival sources that could be
>>> found in the
>>> following archives and publication:
>>> USHMM Archives RG - 25-004M, roll# 14 (original document in the
>>> State Archives
>>> of the Chernivtsi Region, fond 2868, opis 1, delo 207 ), also see
>>> Carp,
>>> _Cartea neagra_, ( Black Book) volume 3, p.141
> I do not have the Cartea Neagra in the original Romanian, but I do have
> the English translation. The following, I believe to be the relevant
> passage:
>> November 15, 1941
>> The deportation of Jews from Czernowitz ended. By this time approx. 30 000
>> Jews had been deported from the town, and the 15 600 who remained had
> received
>> permission to do so from the selection committee, as had the 4 000 who
> were
>> given temporary exemption permits by the town Mayor.
> Therefore, let's please leave the number at 19600 and have no further
> discussions about it. I think that if I again change the number, when I
> write the Chernivtsi city authorities they might say NO to the whole
> project.
> Shavua tov,
> Mimi

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