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Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 18:58:55 +0300
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Hi, Leo,
My sister attended the Hoffman Lyzeum. It had eight grades and therefore
was not just a Gymnasium (4 grades). My sister (born 1922) tells me that it
was located on Altgasse, quite close to Cinema Scala (nowadays the cinema
building belongs to the School of Medicine). She completed there the
"Grosse Matura" eaxamination in June 1940.
I was told that in the late 30s the Lyzeum moved from Altgasse to the former
L3 Lyzeum location, on Austriaplatz ecke Piteigasse. My sister maintains
that during all the eight years of her studies there it was on the Altgasse.
To your second question - she does not remember the first name of Dr.
Regards, Abraham K.
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> Dear people:
> We are a little confused about the street address of the Hoffmann
> Gymansium that was attended by Lotte Hirsch and a number of other list
> members. Can anyone help out? Also, can anyone remember Dr. (?)
> Hoffmann's first name?
> Many thanks,
> Leo
> Leo Spitzer
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> Columbia University
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