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Dear Friends ,
   I now assume that the plate is in its final stages of preparations.
  A word here , a letter there - it really doesn't matter.
   Some people take it to their hearts when they discover a
   spelling error on a grave stone , hewn in marble ,for eternity.
    It only reminds me that humans are not infallible.
   What is important is that for the first time a plate on a
    street of Czernowitz will carry such words as "saving 19,600 Jews
 from deportation to Transnistria and probable death".
    Not just a street but on the Herrengasse .
      In a short time most Czernowitzer will see it.
   Is this story new to them ?
      To the younger generation it is.
     The old-timers know but the story is not nice and better
      not told.
       Until now the Jewish history of Czernowitz is obstructed from the
     public eye ,they simply ignore the Jewishness of our famous,
       Thus : Joseph Schmidt was a Bukovinean singer
                 Sidi Thal an Ukrainean Emerit actor
                  Selma Meerbaum a German writing poetess
                 Rose Auslander a famous writer and journalist.
              No mentioning of being Jewish.
      And now on the main business street , a shield for Traian Popovici
       saver of Jews !
         Now after 68 years !
           Where was this story until now ?
             A nine year old boy might ask his mother : "Mammy, why did
              they send the Jews to Transnistria ? And what for ?"
                Sixty eight years ago I asked my mother the same question.

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