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Dear Steven,dear All,

All I have to say is, that I am very grateful to Volker Koepp for this
movie. I saw the screening at the Haifa Film Festival in September 2004.
The scenes in which Eduard and Gabriele Weissman appeared are amongst the
best. We enjoyed also hearing their talented daughter, Nadine and Gaby's
beautiful and smart mother , Ria Gold, then aged 92. Actually, the film
starts with Edy's birthday-party.
The audience was very special: they talked during the screening, there was
not one quite minute. You could hear exclamations and commentaries in
Rumanian, Hebrew and German.
What's more important is the fact that I made efforts and succeeded to make
contact with our childhood friend Edy, after 40 years! Through him I
contacted other "old" friends from Bucharest, 2nd generation Czernowitzers,
of course. Later, his dear wife Gaby introduced me to the Cz.-List. As you
see, "Dieses Jahr in Czernowitz" changed my life, in a way.
I believe it is available for everyone, with English subtitles.
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