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Hi all, just an addition to florences excellent report. Just before i lef=
we had a meeting with Natalya to give our final comments. One of the to me
most important things is ,as Florence said,to show that czernowitz jews wer=
an integral and full part of the town and the community. There were
happenings in our town that simply have no parallel anywhere to the best of
my knowledge.....such as the cupola on the roof of the Austrian archbishops
residence,now part of the university,with a cross on top and a ring of mage=
davids all around it. Also,in czernowitz was based the Infanterie Regt.
Erzherzog Eugen no.41, founded 1701. In many other places jews were not
overly happy to be in the army...but in czernowitz there were jewish
volunteers! It was "unser regiment" and it even had a "Feldrabbiner" i.e .
a military rabbi!! It is far more than just an emphasis on religion that
needs to be shown. As Florence says,the museum needs to point out that til=
the 1940 time jews were doing things in czernowitz that they were simply no=
allowed or able to do in other places. cornel

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Report on trip to Chernivtsi


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