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I have added another wedding photo to my online exhibition, that of Rose
Fein Schreiber and Elias Romanscanu, who married in Czernowitz in 1901. This
is the ninth and earliest Czernowitz wedding photo in the exhibition.You can
also find the full photo (including the studio imprint and design) on the
Photographic Studios page.

I have also added Cornel's studio photographs that were already on the Cz-L
site, so now there are twenty-eight confirmed studio photographs on this
webpage. Kleinberger studios seems to have been a very popular studio in
Czernowitz in the 1920s, as well as Jacob Brull (or Brull Brothers). I see
we have a Carmit Brull-Sotil in our group and I am wondering whether there
is any connection here with the photo studio. I've written to her, but
haven't heard back from her yet. Does anybody know if there is a connection?

Steven Lasky
New York
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