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This is a report on the current status of this project and the order
in which we need to proceed to get it realized.

1. Josef Zissels and the sculptor Anatoly Piantkovski,
   regarding the plaque, beyond the one I received on March 28.
   This means that we have a general, non-specific permission
   to put up a plaque to the memory of Traian Popovici.

2. At the city archives they are trying to find/decide
   at which house on Kobilianskoy (Herrengasse), Popovici lived.
   Apparently he lived at different apartments at various times.

3. Once the archives decide on his address, We will have to get
   permission to put a plaque on that house.

4. If we get the permission to put a plaque on a specific house,
   we shall have to determine the available space and the size,
   the plaque can be.

5. We set up a bank account into which contributions towards
   the payment for the plaque can be put. I intend to follow
   the procedure recommended by Gary Rogovin.

6. The next step is to design the plaque and decide on the material
   it should be made of (stone or bronze) then to present
   this design to the city authorities for approval.

7. If we get the approval for the design, we have the plaque made.
   and mounted. I have two (2) price quotes for having a simple
   cast bronze plaque made in the US. I also have two (2) price quotes
   for having a simple stone plaque made in Chernivtsi.

Additional information: The above information regarding authorizations,
permits and house address, was repeated by three, some of it by four
different sources and I therefore believe it to be correct. One of the
sources, was the sculptor Anatoly Piantkovski, whom one of my Polish and
Russian speaking friends phoned today.

It follows; that we are not bound to have the plaque made
by Anatoly Piantkovski, we are also not bound to have any particular design.

Even though my initial idea, was to have the plaque made of bronze, there
are two factors against this. If made in the Ukraine, a bronze plaque is
more expensive. Because bronze is valuable, there is a definite chance of
a bronze plaque being stolen.

If we have a plaque made in the US, someone will have to take it to
Czernivtsi and have it mounted.

I will write to Mr. Melnyk at the city administration with a copy
to the mayor today. I will write both in English and in Ukrainian and ask
about the proper address of Traian Popovici and the approval to have a
plaque placed at that address.

Until I receive this approval, there is nothing further we can do.

An aside remark: Did you ever wonder why in Czernowitz, we spoke
our own brand of Yiddish? Why our Yiddish was peppered with Ukrainian and
Ruthenian words and expressions? On one of my visits to Czernowitz, I also
visited the village of Klyvodin. The village streets are not paved and we
were there after a rain. Walking in the black mud was an experience like
no other, I had ever had. It then occurred to me that the reason we called
mud, "Blotte" in Yiddish, was because Ukrainian mud is so much more dark
rich and viscous than any other, that only a Ukrainian or Ruthenian word
would do it justice.
Another Ukrainian or Ruthenian word which was used in Czernowitz Yiddish,
is "pa volyie", meaning slowly. Can you guess why?

Be optimists,


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