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Dear Andrew and all former Czernowitzers,

I send you the next Traian Popovici's life episode. I apologize for
being late, but I had some unexpected problems.

Every day, Traian Popovici's father read the newspaper which he
subscribed>Gazeta Transilvaniei, Romanul, even newspapers from Wiena
(like the newspaper of the socialist Christian Party from Austria).
Sometimes he used to read for the entire family the most important
news. Their father was a nationalist, like all the Romanian priest,
hating the foreign domination from Bukowina. But, this nationalism
wasn't chauvinist, but he respected the rights of the others ethnics
 from Romania.This fact is showed by the event from November 1918,
when the industrial jew (S. Gelber), from village which neighbored
Fundu Moldovei. Gelber refugied in their house , being hosted a few
days by their father. Then, father took him by chariot as far as
Cimpulung town, saving him from huligan's violence.
During the holiday or during the Sundays, the children together with
the parents used to go the reading club from Fundu Moldovei, named
'The light', which were organized by some famous teachers from there.
Another custom was walking with two chariots along Bistrita valey.

If it rained, they remained inside the house, reading especially '
The Lives of the Saints', written with Cyrillic letters. Another
entertainment was the chess, organized by Traian in which his friends
took part.

             The time of school

The beginning of the school represented moments of great spiritual
pain, because the children had to go to school in Suceava, 70 km away
 from Fundu Moldovei.

Before their departure, there was another ritual initiated by the
father. The last one called all the four children in one special
room(which they called the teacher's room), the mother standing on
the right. This ritual took place every year, on 31st of August, at 9
o'clock and a mobilizing speech was held by the father: 'Boys,
starting from tomorrow another academic year begins and starting from
tomorrow you are not allowed to have another concern but to learn.
You need to know one thing that you don't learn for me, but only for
you and your own good, to become civilized people, useful for you and
or the nation you come from. And if your heart doesn't lead you to
learning, tell us straight, because not everyone is made for school.
However painful it may be for us, you will have the opportunity to
become a good craftsman, good and cherished by everybody, being known
that the craft art is a golden bracelet. The most important thing in
life is not what you become but to be people who know their place,
honest and human. I tell you once again: study hard and do not
dishonor my name! I don't want to hear bad things about you, because
this will bury me and your mother alive. Don't forget to tell your
morning and evening prayers constantly, because every thought comes
true only with God's blessing. And because we all are simply
passengers through the life, I might die unexpectedly. For that hard
time, I tell my last wish: listen to your mother, help her and ease
her poor life. And I also tell you this. I don't leave you earthly
goods, because I don't have them. All I have is an honest name bound
by your ancestors both to history and to Bukovina.Traian dear, you
the eldest one, be the guardian of this saint inheritance!'

And then with tears in their eyes, they all knelled and one of them
said the prayer 'Our Father'. After that the children kissed their
parents' hands and then they got on the cart, leaving for Suceava.

I think is enough for now!

Best wishes,
Florentin Lehaci
The President of 'Traian Popovici Association'
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