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The period between the two world wars in Czernowitz as reflected in the
German language Czernowitzer Morgenblatt is the topic of the book
"Czernowitzer Morgenblatt, Eine Monographie" written by Dr. Ioana Rostos.
The book is published by the Editura Universitatii Suceava (2008).

The admirable narrative of this scholarly book and its empathy for the
German speaking Jews in what was then the Romanian Cernauti should be truly
gripping for many on this list. The pictures from Cernowitz and the
facsimiles of the Czernowitzer Morgenblatt are one of the most authentic
invocations of Czernowitz from that time that I have seen.

I have taken the liberty to copy here the author, Dr. Ioana Rostos for
questions about the book and her research into the culture of Czernowitz
between the two World Wars.

Henry Sinnreich
Richardson, Texas
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