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At the last reunion I visited the residence of Graf Pototzki in Lvov. Asher

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Other Ukrainian or Ruthenian words we used:

PASTUCH shepherd
KALIKER person with physical disability
KALIKA female person with physical disability
CHOTSH at least
CHREIN horseradish
BARBULYE potatoes
VETSHEREH evening meal
DNO bottom of the barrel
NA VIRU wild, natural
TRASK party
SZMENYE handful
PURETZ land owner, rich person.

This reminds me, does anyone know why we said:
"who does he think he is? Pan Potozki?"
On a related subject: We Czernowitzers gave ourselves airs,
But we also liked to put each other down.

When someone used the word "wir" (we) instead of ich (I),
the answer was likely to be: "Ja wir Kaiser Franz Josef"
(yes, we, emperor Franz Josef).

> One combination was "Fur Motje po Bolotje" for "sending somebody away"
> physically or figuratively.
> Berti

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