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A few thoughts on the phrase Mimi mentioned, "Who does he think he is, Pan Potocki?"
The Potockis are a large aristocratic family in Poland. See
"Pan" is a Polish courtesy title, equivalent to Mr. or Sir.
As to whether the question has a specific Potocki in mind or not, I don't know.
There is a palace in Lancut, Poland, that belonged to the Potockis that is now a museum, and nearby a beautiful synagogue which can be visited as well. (in Polish)
The phrase also reminds us that many Czernowitz Jews had their origins in Galicia, since it seems to me that the most likely explanation for the use of this term in Bukovina is that Jewish migrants from Galicia took it there, although an alternative explanation could be that the Potockis were known even in Bukovina, since the distance is not that great.
Dale Prince
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