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Good news also for "Yerushalmis": The Central Zionist Archives in
Jerusalem received a copy of the book a week ago
and it is available for the public in the reading room.
Best Regards,

Reuven Rennert

Irene Fishler wrote:
> Hi, All,
> Good news for the Israeli Bukowiners who wish to consult Dr. Rostos's "
> Cz. Morgenblatt -Monographie"! The book is now on display at the " Mimi and
> Yitzchak Artzi" Library on Arnonstreet 12, Tel-Aviv (WOBJ). It is written in
> ( beautiful and impeccable) German. It is an important scholarly
> achievement, which will, hopefully, encourage further research into the
> journalism of Czernowitz in the past.
> Regards,
> Irene
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> Subject: [Cz-L] New book about Czernowitz: Czernowitzer Morgenblatt
> The period between the two world wars in Czernowitz as reflected in the
> German language Czernowitzer Morgenblatt is the topic of the book
> "Czernowitzer Morgenblatt, Eine Monographie" written by Dr. Ioana Rostos.
> The book is published by the Editura Universitatii Suceava (2008).
> The admirable narrative of this scholarly book and its empathy for the
> German speaking Jews in what was then the Romanian Cernauti should be truly
> gripping for many on this list. The pictures from Cernowitz and the
> facsimiles of the Czernowitzer Morgenblatt are one of the most authentic
> invocations of Czernowitz from that time that I have seen.
> I have taken the liberty to copy here the author, Dr. Ioana Rostos for
> questions about the book and her research into the culture of Czernowitz
> between the two World Wars.
> Henry Sinnreich
> Richardson, Texas
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