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Like any tornado that gathers energy when over the ocean but blows itself
out when over
  land so will the subjects that come up.
    They will live as long as we will keep them alive.
      They will die from natural causes.
         Only to flare up some time ahead, triggered off by some accidental
      We already had these Yiddish flare ups several times in the past.
       If they bore , veer off subject - they will soon expire.
         Just let things happen naturally - this is the best way.
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>I would like to add my voice to those who want this List to be
> more than just about genealogy and History, if by history we mean
> big political, economical or "Cultural " events. History is also
> social history and cultural history (the way of life, thinking
> and behavior of a group).
> For those of us who lived in Czernowitz, writing and reading
> about the expressions we used, the dishes we ate, the jokes we heard,
> Is part nostalgia and part trying to both learn and instruct others
> about a way of life which we do not want to be forgotten.
> Occasionally, these reminiscences and discussions, do veer off subject,
> or go on so long that they bore many of the members of the list.
> I have no suggestions as to how to avoid this, except that those
> participating in such detailed discussions, use restraint and after
> a while continue their discussions privately.
> Mimi

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