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Hi All!
I was out for two weeks and discovered, among other, the discussions about Yiddish expressions used in Czernowitz. Personaly, I don't speak Yiddish (remember: in Israel, in the 70's, I was told, "Ir red take Yiddish vi a goy!") but thanks to Hardy and all others who participate in this exchange, I now find out that I know a lot of these words and expressions, including the "pinkapoyer"!
Regarding Cornel's remark about "Moishe Gerngross", it is quite possible that this comes from the name of a (small) department store in Vienna, which existed already at the time of our parents, and which is called "Gerngross", or "Der kleine Gerngross", meaning in German "the small one who would like to be a big (or tall) one"
Here is another expression, which comes from my cousin Edy (Gabrielle's husband) and I'm surprised he didn't tell it yet: if you have a problem and you cannot or don't know how to solve it, you would say "Nu, vuze tit men? Bin eh mit a fis im Prit!" (Now, what do we do? So, I'm with a foot in the Pruth!)
Really, I love that Cz-er Humor!
Charles Rosner

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> Hi, the expression i remember is moishe gernegross...which
> meant somebody trying to be what he was not! cornel

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