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Never heard this before. I loved it.

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> Not so beautiful,
> How would you describe a girl that was not a beauty queen - ugly ?
> plain ?
> That's too simple for Czernowitz. In Czernowitz you would describe
> as:
> "Sie seit oys wi meine tzures af der linker Seit " .
> This ment she was very,very ugly .
> Not only does she look like "meine tzures " (my troubles ) which is
> pretty bad but even worse :
> " Af der linken Seit " on the left side ( the left side is the
> ?).
> Troubles ,like cloth , have a right side and a left side , the left
> side being the ugly , hidden side.
> This brings me back to the the clothier business.
> Having a new suit made was a costly business not affordable by all.
> One way to overcome this was that used suits were not thrown away
> but " turned over "-we called this "wenden".
> The suit had to be checked if it had not already been turned and
> therefore obsolete.
> The vendor had to cut a cuff open to prove the turnability of the
> garment.
> Also other damages like worn out elbows and knees had to be
> considered.
> " Kommen Sie herein Frau Rosenzweig, ich hab fur Ihren Sohn an
> Anzuegl ,
> besten englischen Stoff , fast neu , nicht gewendet ."
> Hardy

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