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My mother (born in Czernowitz) used the term "Babe Zwiok's einekel" to
refer to a remote, far-fetched relationship. I hadn't thought of that
in years, until I read your note.


On Jun 23, 2008, at 2:13 AM, HARDY BREIER wrote:

> " Babes a Zwiok ",
> In my latest mail I used the above expression .
> I got mail requests to clarify this term.
> This term belongs to Czernowitz oldest and finest and dates back
> to the middle ages.
> The meaning of the word is : Grandmother's Nail.
> But this is only part of the saying , the complete quote is:
> " Sein Babe's a Zwiok is geleigen af ihr Boidem ".
> meaning that a nail of his Granny was lying in her attic.
> This coming as a ironic remark to a very remote, far fetched
> relationship.
> Zwiok for nail also originates from the Ukrainean.
> In plural it is Zwekes. Hardy
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