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  As already pointed out by Mimi, the Yiddish term Pawolie derives
 from the Ukrainean " po wolie " meaning something like
" at ease " or " according to will " . In Yiddish we used it as "slow".
  This means if you do anything according to your will it will be
    at a slow and easy pace. Good enough.
   The German term "langsam " was not very much in use .
    But pawolie was not good enough, so they came up with another term :
  " Pameilach".
       "Er kricht arof die Stigen pameilech ,pameilech".
      Where does this come from ? "Meilech" is king in Hebrew and
    " Po Meilech " is then " as a king ".
       Are kings famous for being slow ?
        Well, they have all the time in the world but where does it say
        that they were slow?
           Does anybody know ?
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