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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 07:25:43 +0300
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The Gerngross departement store still exists!
I'm sure it's not what it used to be, but it is still located at the
corner of Mariahilferstrasse and Kirchengasse, in Vienna's 7th district.


Reuven Rennert

E. & G. Weissmann wrote:
> Romanians called it "MAMALIGA", the Italians call it "polenta", etc.
> Maize flour, cornflour used for many centuries, in the countries
> where corn was plentyful - it's not too good for the figure, very
> nourishing, but people with diabetes are allowed to eat it.
> Charles is right, there used to be a department store in Vienna called
> "GERNGROSS", and when I was there recently with my old mother, she
> still wanted to look for it and was disappointed that it didn't exist
> any more.
> BUKANTSHEN - All who spent their childhood in Romania will know the
> name of "bocanci", meaning ankle-high, heavy shoes, like the ones used
> for hiking.
> Interesting where that word came from.
> What else is coming next?
> Greetings from Berlin,
> Gabriele--
> Eduard & Gabriele Weissmann
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