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I remember a quite different saying related to two Jews meeting in the
morning in the street. Moishe zugt: "git morgen Zurech!" . But Zurech
(who was totally deaf) responded: "reitech trug ich"....
 Incidentally, if we keep on discussing all these Yiddish words, folklore,
etc. it might keep us on the line for months, perhaps even years.
Regards, to all,
Abraham K.
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> Hi, Group,
> I am looking for a saying of which I am not too sure.
> It was used to exemplify people with hearing problems.
> Not that we were missing words for this handicap:
> Toib (from the German Taub) "Toib wi a Glock".
> But this was too simple a wording, not worthy of
> an original Czernowitzer.
> If you were a real Czernowitzer , coming to describe a dumb person
> you would say : "Reitech trug ich".
> meaning as much as :" I carry radishes" .
> Reitech -from the German Rettich -radish.
> What has radish to do with hearing ?
> This quote is the irrelevant answer given by a market woman to a
> completely different question:
> " Wus sugsti Geile ?" (Of this I'm not sure)
> " Reitech trug ich" is the answer.
> Geile is Gelbe ( meaning yellow , vulgar for fair haired).
> The " Geile " was deaf and her answer does not relate
> to the question.
> Does somebody remember this quote ?
> Hardy

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