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hi, both der schlag soll dich treffen and du kannst mir den puckel
runterrutschen are pure Viennese and Austrian . the former basically means
i hope you have a stroke very soon....and the latter freely translated
means" as far as i am concerned you can go to hell" !!! cornel

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Hardy, you=A0never heard German insults in Cz?=A0 You never met my Dad. He =
was Hungarian and learned German in the army.=A0 He never learned Yiddish.=
=A0 His most frequent phrase was "Schlagtreffen."=A0 There was one I loved =
that I picked up elsewhere, I don't think I heard him use it - it was "Kans=
t mir den Pukel 'runter rutchen."=A0 The "r" in "runter rutchen" was rolled=
 deep in the throat, like clearing the throat of phlegm. =A0And the way I h=
eard the other one was "Hak mir nicht in cheinik.

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