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It is funny, it seems that everyone's pediatrician was Dr. Wiesenthal.
In my early childhood, my pediatrician was actually Munio Hacken,
but during the war, it was Dr Wiesenthal. He made house-calls, prescribed
the same ill tasting small purple-red pill and talked to my mother at great
length about what I should or should not eat. For some reason, a patient
with a high temperature was not supposed to eat pickles, but Schleimsuppe
(tasteless barley soup) was considered rehabilitating.

Dr. Wiesenthal saw me through Chicken pox in the ghetto, bronchitis
in the winter of 1943-44 and measles in the winter of 1944-45.


> Wow, Dr Wiesenthal was our pediatrician; and hot milk with melted butter,
> honey and sometimes an egg yolk was a Gogel Mogel
> Frieda

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