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The overturned glass under the table seems to me like a physical poem
about loss, which is what I like about it.
Eytan Fichman

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 Take the most common jewish self protection: the Mezuze. 
  Be you a believer or not on every doorsill of your house , 
  there is a mezuze . It should actually be placed on entries ,windows=

  To protect you from what ? Evil spirits and robbers. 
  What does it contain ? A small scroll of parchment and on it written=
  by hand the "Shma Israel " in which there is a stipulation to put=

  this (writing) on your door sills. Door sill in Hebrew is Mezuza=

  hence the name. 
  If somebody breaks into your house and steals all your valuables=

  this can only be because something in the writing of your mezuze is=
  faulty. So you call in for the "mezuze man" and he checks your
  and of course he finds that there are some misspellings and some=

  letters are ambiguous and the man only wonders that haven't been=

  robbed long ago. 
  You immediately order a new set of state-of-the-art mezuzos. 
  Happily you pay the man . Now you are protected. 
  Who does not believe in turned-over glasses ? 

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