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  Take the most common jewish self protection: the Mezuze.
   Be you a believer or not on every doorsill of your house ,
   there is a mezuze . It should actually be placed on entries ,windows.
      To protect you from what ? Evil spirits and robbers.
     What does it contain ? A small scroll of parchment and on it written
      by hand the "Shma Israel " in which there is a stipulation to put
      this (writing) on your door sills. Door sill in Hebrew is Mezuza
      hence the name.
       If somebody breaks into your house and steals all your valuables
       this can only be because something in the writing of your mezuze is
       faulty. So you call in for the "mezuze man" and he checks your
       and of course he finds that there are some misspellings and some
       letters are ambiguous and the man only wonders that haven't been
        robbed long ago.
         You immediately order a new set of state-of-the-art mezuzos.
          Happily you pay the man . Now you are protected.
            Who does not believe in turned-over glasses ?
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