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He too, deserves a plaque? Maybe not, but Czernowitzers must be proud
of him. The best-known paediatrician - in Czernowitz, Bucharest and
Düsseldorf. He treated us successfully in Bucharest, he treated our
daughter in Düsseldorf when she was a baby, he was rarely wrong and
was indeed a great doctor.
Moreover, he was a great Yiddishist, with lots of humour - my husband
once held a concert in the Jewish Community in Düsseldorf, and
afterwards Dr. Wiesenthal read in Yiddish, to everyone's delight - it
was a memorable evening.

Dr.Emanuel (Muniu Hacken) - husband of Vera Hacken, was also a
paediatrician but very involved in music, composing, theatre, etc. Vera
Hacken wrote a story about her childhood memories when she knew well
Elieser Steinbarg.

"Dulceata" - in our childhood in Bucharest we looked at the adults
delighting in it, but as children you didn't see the point so much,
personally I preferred cakes
with more substance. Also, I didn't realize the amount of work involved
in making jam. Presumably an old habit, developed when people were poor
and couldn't afford more than some fruit and sugar.

Today the sentence "mit ihm (ihr) ist gut (or...nicht gut), Kirschen
essen" is still standard German usage. With him (her) it is good (or not
good) to eat cherries.
Good time to mention this, it is cherry season in Europe.!
Regards to all who contribute to make "ehpes" a real treasure. And to
the silent majority of members!

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