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For 150 years ( 1775 - 1918 ) German was the state language in Bukowina.
 All of Bukowina ,including today Rumanian Bucovina.
    Jews loved it as it was a kin language to Yiddish.
     All learned German in schools.
       In 1918 Rumanian became the state language and the local Rumanians
were happy.
    At the end of the Rumanian rule and 25 years of romanifications the Jews
knew some
     Rumanian for official use but among them only German and Yiddish was
       We were born under rumanian rule in the thirties but the above
applied to all.
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Did people who lived in towns such as Sadagora and Nova Selitza also speak
German? Did children from Yiddish-speaking homes learn German in school?

Dale Prince
Researching Burger, Edelstein, From, and Focke in Sadagora/Czernowitz

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> Yes Helen,
> In Czernowitz, where all lived in close co-existence , many a "goy" spoke
> perfect Yiddish.
> You had to ,if you wanted to get along. Everybody spoke Czernowitzer
> German ,too.
> Hardy

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