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Yes, I can testify to the "wus" as opposed to "wos" pronunciation. My gran=
dfather was born and brought up in Cz. In later life he was hard hard of hea=
ring. He had on of those old-fashioned hearing-aids that clipped on to the b=
reast pocket of his suit. But he hated wearing it because he thought it mad=
e him look old (which he was). During my barmitzvah speech of thanks, my voi=
ce was tight with nerves. Frustrated by not being able to hear me properly (=
if at all) he bellowed "Wus zugt er?". I can hear it today, clear as a bell.=
 Definitely "wus"

I was angry with him at the time, and still wince that on that day of all d=
ays, I couldn't cut a deaf, but proud, old man a little slack.


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Litvak Yiddish
In the Soviet Education Ministry they had to decide which
version of Yiddish will be accepted as the Standard Yiddish in which
all the teaching books would be printed .
They decided on Litvak Yiddish.
  This was the most beautiful version of Yiddish but it was not our Yiddish=
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