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Thank you to all~
for your comments concerning my question about Jews and non Jews speaking
Yiddish. I have been wondering for some years now.

How do I go about writing to the archives in Chernivtsi? I appreciate your
help. Thanks so much.

Helene Spacek

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> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
> Non-Jews who lived close to Jews, or worked for them,
> spoke fluent Yiddish, just as Jews often spoke fluent Ruthenian.
> It was very much a multilingual society.
> Helen, If you want to know whether your grandfather was Jewish,
> you could write to the archives in Chernivtsi and obtain a copy
> of his birth certificate.
> Birth certificates of the Austrian Period, contain information
> from which you might deduce the religion of your grandfather's parents.
> Mimi
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