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Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 06:35:20 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>

Dear Gary,

Traian Popovici lived in the center of Czernowitz,
on the Herrengasse, the street with the fanciest stores
and cafes in town, both then and now.

As you write your suggested inscription, it is much too long to fit
on a suitable size plaque. Ideally it should fit into a rectangle,
wider than high, without large gaps. Please format your suggested
inscription in such a way and send it to the list.

Gary's suggestion was originally sent to the list on May 12th,
just within the time limit of offering suggestions, David's arrived
yesterday, after the time limit. Let's still include it in the offered
choices, but this is the last one, otherwise, this could go on for ever.


> 5-13-08
> Dear Miriam and members of the CZ List,
> I do like your suggestions and whichever way you wish to go regarding the name
> of the city (in one or all three of the languages you indicated), would be
> fine. I read your email of 5/11/08 titled "My personal memories of the early
> WW2 years and the Popovici permits". You touched my heart with your personal
> account of events and obviously your historical perspective is based on
> personal experience and therefore a significant contribution.
> Miriam, there is a slight difference between the inscription I wrote and the
> way you presented it in your below email to the List, that I would like to
> clarify. The wording "Dedicated to Traian Popovici (1892-1946), who lived in
> this house" should be the header and be on line one, with no period after the
> word "house", to be read as follows:
> Dedicated to Traian Popovici (1892-1946), who lived in this house
> In 1941, while mayor of Czernowitz (or Cernauti or Chernivtsi), saved 20,000
> Jews from deportation to Transnistria and almost certain death. In grateful
> remembrance by those
> rescued, their descendants and humanity.
> I envision equal spacing before the word "Dedication" and after the word
> "house".
> I have, per your suggestion, removed the word "over" ("saved over 20,000
> Jews") to "saved 20,000 Jews".
> With regard to the wording "...who lived in this house", I had stated in my
> previous email "Obviously, if the plaque were to be mounted on or in a
> location other than the house in which Mr. Popovici lived, the wording
> ",...who lived in this house", would be omitted"
> .
> In addition, if Mr. Popovici's house is not located within the CZ city limits
> and the plaque is to be mounted on his house, then a reference to "as Mayor of
> this city or "as Mayor of our city", would be inaccurate.
> Miriam, could you kindly tell me whether Mr. Popovici's house is located
> within the CZ City limits?
> Finally, to include the wording "FROM THE JEWS OF CZERNOWITZ", could be a turn
> off to non-Jews, especially Ukranians. That is why I preferred the wording "In
> grateful remembrance by those rescued, their descendants and humanity". I
> think that most everyone is concerned about offending the Ukranians,
> particularly since they are sensitized by the role they played in the
> Holocaust and may take "FROM THE JEWS OF CZERNOWITZ" as guilt being thrown in
> their face by the survvivors and descendants. By including the word
> "humanity", all peoples (including Ukranians)are given equal opportunity to be
> inclusive.
> In any event, that is my two cents worth!
> Thanks, Miriam.
> Gary Rogovin
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