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I am still trying to establish evidence for the correct address
of Traian Popovici. So far I have had no luck finding a business
or professional directory for Cernauti during the years 1935 - 1942.
I am still waiting for an answer from the Library of Congress.
Some of you have written me that Joe Poras, possibly, has such a directory.

Joe and others, who were at the 2006 Czernowitz Reunion,
Yu may have contact with Joana Rostos, who has done research
on the "Czernowitz Morgenblat", published during the interwar years.
Newspapers then as now, carried advertisements. Quite possibly
Traian Popovici, advertised his services as a lawyer.
Would any of you, who became friendly with Joana Rostos, ask her
to try and find the address of either the home, or the office
of Traian Popovici?

With advance thanks,

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