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As a proper Czernowitzer, I am a skeptic and certainly do not trust
information put out by commercial companies. I looked at the site of and was not persuaded.

I personally, am a descendant of Rabbi Yomtov Lipman Halevi Heller
b. 1579 Wallerstein Germany and his descendant Rabbi Yehudah Kahana
of Sighet. Also of Rabbi Ezekiel Landau, chief rabbi of Prague, known
as "Noda bi-Yehudah", through him to Rashi and through Rashi to king David.
At the same time, I am sure, that I am descendant from an assortment
of Jewish Kabzunim, Shlimazels, Yachne-Sossyes and also various "Sonney
Isruel", who probably raped some of my female ancestors.


> From Jewish Genetics:
> "At the present time, it is known that Eastern European Jews have a
> significant Eastern Mediterranean element which manifests itself in a close
> relationship with Kurdish, Armenian, Palestinian Arab, Lebanese, Syrian, and
> Anatolian Turkish peoples. This is why the Y-DNA haplogroups J and E, which
> are typical of the Middle East, are so common among them. At the same time,
> there are traces of European (including Western Slavic) and Khazar ancestry
> among European Jews."
> see link:
> Hardy
>> About Bukowina or Bucovina Jews being spread all over the globe
>> and about us carrying with us the unwritten history of our people,
>> the language, the habits , the memories of good and bad times,
>> I agree completely.
>> The Khazars have vanished, as have the ancient Romans, but their
>> genes live on in their descendants, the people who live between
>> the Black and the Caspian seas. If someone wanted to compare DNA,
>> they could. Anyhow, what was so great about the Khazars?
>> Bukowina Jews do share DNA with Sephardi Jews, in fact the first
>> Jews to settle in the Bukowina, when it was a Turkish province,
>> Were Sephardi Jews. All Jews share some DNA with all other Jews,
>> but also with Arab Palestinians and with Poles, Czechs, Austrians,
>> Russians and Ukrainians, among whom they lived. That is where
>> the blue eyes come from. The Khazars were Turkic people
>> and only the albinos among them, had blue eyes.
>> Wir sind nicht RASSENREIN (racially pure), just as well,
>> we are HYBRIDS, chosen for hybrid vigor.
>> Mimi
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