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In 1994 I flew from L.A. to Bucharest, a long flight, and had a pleasant la=
dy sitting next to me who was flying to Prague. The reason for her trip was =
to get back  from the present Czech government her home that the Communist=
s confiscated after WW II. 

Around the same time I met a Romanian, Professor Florescu, whose father=
 had been a Minister in King Carol's government.  They were a well off fam=
ily and had four or five homes around Bucharest, Sinaia, etc.  As all the =
other ex-Communist states, Romania also returned property. The last time I s=
poke to Florescu over five years ago they had repatriated most of their home=
s.  One of these had been leased out to an Asian government as an Embassy =
so he simply took back the title and collected rent from the Embassy.

It would be a difficult thing for Russia or most of the Ukraine to return p=
roperty to pre-Communism owners because that goes back to the Bolshevic Revo=
lution in 1917 over 90 years ago.  But our properties in Czernowitz and ha=
lf of Bucovina that are now part of the Ukraine don't fall into that categor=
y and there is no reason why, if the Ukraine wants to join NATO that they do=
n't display some responsible attitudes and return confiscated properties.

U.S. AID since 1992 has given the Ukraine $1.6 Billion. 

Most of that money has been spent for good causes to cement the friendship =
of the Ukrainian people.  You can read about it at this link: 
But friendship must be a two-way street and I am wondering

I have dual US-Canadian citizenship and haven't checked yet to see what C=
anada has been throwing into the Ukrainian pot.  Since I vote in both coun=
tries I would like to take this matter up with my Congressman and my Member =
of Parliament.  I was born in a lovely home in Cz that was built by my gra=
ndmother in the early 1920s. 
I'm not planning on moving back to live there but it bothers me to have my =
tax dollars go to a country that won't give me back what's mine.
I'd like to hear from all of you who feel the same way.

Andy Halmay
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