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I am wondering whether the kosher menu I just put online from a 1900 Berlin
restaurant contains dishes that one might have found in Czernowitz at a
time. I imagine that the cuisine of Czernowitz was probably somewhatt
international, a melange of dishes from different cultures, but I'm just
curious. The link to my menu is

Also, a question for you who are knowledgeable in German cuisine, I have a
few questions.
A salmon dish is covered with "Remouladense." What is this word in English?
Also is "Rinder-Pokelbrust" pickled calf's breast?
I'd appreciate it if a few of you would review the menu and perhaps check my
English translations and offer up better ones.

I still haven't received from anyone either a typical Czernowitzer or
Bukowinaer regional menu, so barring receiving one soon, I will forgo this
and look for other regional menus.

I wonder how much German cuisine had influenced the Czernowitz cuisine. I
believe I read that there was a strong cultural German influence in the
early days. Was it before WWI or after?
Was the Czernowitzer cuisine (Jewish or not) influenced more by German,
Romanian, Russian, or some other culture? Are there foods that are uniquely
 from Czernowitz, or were most all the dishes, etc. absorbed from the cuisine
of other cultures?

Steven Lasky
New York
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