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Hi there.
I am Jonny Engler, 59 years old, orthopedic surgeon, living in
Caracas, Venezuela, Born in Vienna in 1949, arrived in Caracas with my
parents: Adolf Engler ( formerly Abraham Schmatnik from Sadagora) and
Gisia Schachter (formerly Regenbogen, from Czernovitz) in 1952.
I married Joyce Roth daughter of Jos Roth and Laja Blumenkranz from
Poland, and have two children, Andy Engler married to Lindsay Heller
who live in Brooklyn, New York and Wendy Engler who lives in
Manhattan, New York.

My father, Adolf, had three brothers, Samuel, married to Esther Bley,
Yudah, and Sigmund, and four sisters Rifka, Sabine,Jenny, married to ?
Landwirth and Lotti.
Their parents were Ioil (Julius) Schmatnik and Rosa Engler (daughter
of Abraham Engler and Rifka Ohlgiesser) from Sadagora.
Samuel Schmatnik emigrated to Israel and had a son who left for New
York and became Gil Carl Alroy married and had three daughters, one of
them, Iris lives in Oakland Cal. and Carolyn Alroy in New Jersey

My mother Gisia Regenbogen and her brother Isidor, daughter and son of
Wolf Wilhem Regenbogen, born in Poland and Rosa Kern, (daughter of
Isaac and Feige Kern), who died around 1923, My grandfather marrying
her single sister Rudolfine Regenbogen of Czernovitz, having one
daughter, Edith (Dita) Regenbogen, who married Salo Weisselberger also
 from Czernovitz.
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