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I have received a letter from Mr. A. Melnyk of the Chernivtsi
city administration. He writes that:

The information, I have supplied about the merits of Traian Popovici,
is sufficient for the city administration to adopt the decision
for having the memorial plaque in Traian Popovici's honour
placed in Chernivtsi.

The State Archive of the Chernivtsi Region contains information
about Traian Popovici at one time residing on the street now called
"28 Chervnia", previously Str. 11 Novembrie, and earlier, Franzengasse.
and on the street now named M.Zanıkoventsıka, previously known as
Str. Hormuzachi, or earlier as Hormuzakigasse. In his letter Mr. Melnyk,
did not write at what house numbers, on these two streets,
Traian Popovici resided, nor at what time he resided at each of these
The State archive, contains no information about Traian Popovici residing
on O.Kobyliansıka street, formerly Herrengasse.

Mr. Melnyk further writes, that the city cannot accept an address based
on the recollections of one person, i.e. Hedwig Brenner.
He asks me to give references to archival data which would confirm
the address of Traian Popovici, while he was mayor of Cernauti.
Only information confirmed by documentation will be accepted.

The Franzengasse and the Hormuzachigasse are far less centrally located
than the Herrengasse, but unless I can document that Traian Popovici
either lived or had an office, in a more central location, the plaque will
be placed in one of these streets.
If anyone has photographs of these two streets as they look now, I would
appreciate your sending them to me. The buildings have to be such, that
there is space on the façade to place the plaque.

I repeat my plea for help in documenting the address of either the home or
office of Traian Popovici.

Please someone write to Ioana Rostos, someone find census data for Romania,
in the late thirties and look for Popovici's address. Look for a telephone
book from 1939, phone the Library of Congress, etc. Please explore all
avenues and get a documented home or business address for Traian Popovici.
Please do not send me advice on how to get the address, get the address
and the documentation and send it to me or to Mr. Melnyk.




> How adequate can be information from the elderly person referred by you
> about his exact address, even certified by the notary public? Therefore
> I would ask you to give references of archive data concerning the
> building where Traian Popovich lived as a mayor of Chernivtsi. Probably
> you have some other data about the address, so please inform me about the=
> Please understand me correctly, but adopting a very responsible decision
> about commemoration of Traian Popovich we have to operate documentarily
> confirmed information.
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