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>>I believe that the historical context is clear. Jews have been powerless
>>for two thousand years. I don't want to subscribe to the lachrymose school
>>of Jewish history. It is nevertheless a fact that we have been persecuted,
>>spit upon, beaten up and occasionally murdered. Our only weapon was our
>>mouth and, strictly among ourselves, we fought back by occasionally
>>showing our contempt for our tormentors. I am eternally grateful to the
>>Russians because they did liberate me in Czernowitz. However, when my
>>uncle occasionally referred to them as Fonie ganev it was based on their
>>overall treatment of us and I forgive him in retrospect although I was
>>very careful to make sure that my children and grandchildren never use
>>derogatory terms for the population around us.
>>Let us not forget that unsavory characters among the Jewish people were
>>not spared. We simply never used the etnicity as part of the insult.
>>Thus: A bick, a backer, a toders, a vus-in-der-curt, etc.
>>I fervently hope that one of the regulars will compile a list of all the
>>emailed terms and their source so that I can give them to my
>>Ervin Spinner
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>>>How do we reconcile this discussion with the often heard statements about
>>>Czernowitz being a veritable melting pot, a place with a strong
>>>multi-cultural heritage, where Jews were integrated with the rest of
>>>society? Being conceited is one thing, but developing derogatory terms
>>>for others goes beyond being respectful. I hope someone can place this
>>>discussion into an historical context.

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