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From: Ya`akov N. Miles <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 11:54:25 -0400
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Bruce Reisch wrote:

>How do we reconcile this discussion with the
>often heard statements about Czernowitz being a
>veritable melting pot, a place with a strong
>multi-cultural heritage, where Jews were
>integrated with the rest of society? Being
>conceited is one thing, but developing
>derogatory terms for others goes beyond being
>respectful. I hope someone can place this
>discussion into an historical context.
I am sorry but my (Zionistic) Jewish Education taught me not to support
the idea of a melting pot of cultures. We Jews were taught not to
assimilate with the other nations (chukat HaGoyim) Do you observe
Shabbat and eat Kosher? I do.

Ya`akov Nachum ben Barbara
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