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     If you wanted to brand somebody as a jerk ,you called him:
 " Potz Mihalache" .
   The first name needs no explanation , the second comes
    from Ion Mihalache, leader of the Rumanian Peasant
  Party. In 1927 when King Carol had to abdicate because of
   his scandalous affair with Magda Lupescu the Parliament
  had to nominate Regents , as prince Mihai was only 6.
     One of the nominees was Mihalache and the Chairman of
  the Parliament had to put the obligatory question of acceptance:
   " Poti Mihalache , ( Are you able ,Mihalache, to fulfill the job etc.)
    The Czernowitzer found this as humorous and adopted it
   for the everyday use.
     So without him noticing ,Mihalache became very popular figure
      in town.
      Wanting to describe a stupid person you just said :
      "Dus is a Potz Mihalache "
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