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Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2008 12:07:59 -0400
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At 11:54 -0400 7/9/08, Ya`akov N. Miles wrote:
>I am sorry but my (Zionistic) Jewish Education taught me not to support
>the idea of a melting pot of cultures. We Jews were taught not to
>assimilate with the other nations (chukat HaGoyim) Do you observe
>Shabbat and eat Kosher? I do.
>Ya`akov Nachum ben Barbara

Hello Ya'akov:

You missed my point. This is not a discussion of
whether I observe Shabbat or eat Kosher, or
whether you observe Shabbat and keep Kosher.
It's not a discussion about your Jewish Education
or mine. It's a discussion about whether
pre-WWII Czernowitz was really a melting pot, and
to what extent did people of different faiths and
backgrounds get along and respect each other. We
know the Kaiser prior to WWI afforded Jews more
rights than in other parts of Europe, for
instance. So to what extent do all the derogatory
Yiddish terms directed at people of various
nationalities reflect the feelings of the Jewish
population at large. (Cornel's point is well


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