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  1.Czernowitz was not a melting pot.
  2. Jews were not integrated with the rest of the society.
  3. There was no multi-cultural heritage.
      Every society lived with its loves and hates.
     The only difference was that the Jews were the strongest minority
      and this gave us a sense uf security.
     The terms brought up are from the original unavoidable Czernowitz
       The Jews were also called names , to complete the picture.
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> How do we reconcile this discussion with the often heard statements
> about Czernowitz being a veritable melting pot, a place with a strong
> multi-cultural heritage, where Jews were integrated with the rest of
> society? Being conceited is one thing, but developing derogatory
> terms for others goes beyond being respectful. I hope someone can
> place this discussion into an historical context.
> Bruce

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