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I think the geleimter Terk might have been the Czernowitz version of the
"Kranker Mann am Bosporus" that

was used to designate the present weakness (19th century) of the former
strong and much feared Turkish empire.

The German expression can be found in a lot of books and newspapers.


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> How did this stereotype of "A gelemter Terk" come into being is a puzzle
> to me.
> There were no Turks in Czernowitz. Nobody had ever seen a Turk.
> The Turkish domination ended in 1750 and was performed by proxy ( the
> Fanariots).
> And still if somebody was behaving clumsy the first thing that came
> to your mind
> was "a gelemter Terk".
> Hardy
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> Oh I remember gelamter terk but haven't heard it in over 25 years, since
> my Dad died. He was a footballer in his younger days (Hakoah Wien, no
> less) and had firm views about the footballing talents of players in our
> local team. I can still picture the bemusement of fellow-spectators as he
> berated some hapless soul with "er schpielt wie a gelemter terk!" (he
> plays like a disabled person of Turkish origin). I also remember
> morning-gella: an expression of resigned exasperation. Tateh (also taten)
> for father, too. My dad used to sing a song "Oi ist duss ein mamale! Ein
> mazel oif ihr taten." (Oh, is she a mother! A mazel (good luck) to her
> father).
> Mike
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