[Cz-L] Need help in verifying Popovici address.

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Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 18:14:28 -0400
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A week ago, I was sure that I would get the final authorization to place
the memorial plaque to Traian Popovici on the house in which he lived,
formerly Avram Jancu 8 B, now #6 M. Zankovetska street.

Mr. Melnyk with whom I have been corresponding on this project, has not
even deigned to answer my E-mail in which I sent him the information
received from Bubbi Billig and the photographs of the house, both as it
looks now and as it looked in 1904.

As he had written me previously, he probably wants official evidence.

The US Library of Congress, just notified me:
> I regret to inform you that the Library of Congress does not have
> directories for Cernauti.
> You may wish to contact the regional library of Suceava
> (Biblioteca Judeteana din Suceava)
> at URL http://www.biblioteca.suceava.ro/

> The postal address is
> Biblioteca Judeteana din Suceava
> Str. Mitropoliei nr.4
> Suceava
> Telephone: 030-213190, 030-530877, Fax: 030-530798
> country code is 40.

Apparently there did appear in Czernowitz and later in Cernauti, what in
German was called Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger.
There is a copy for the one of 1922 at the state library in Leipzig.
Below is the information about it:

Zeitschrift/Serie: Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger, deutsch-rumänisch, von
Cernauti und den Vorstädten : Angelegt nach d. amtl. Daten d. Meldeamtes =
Polizeidirektion ; Der Wohnungsanzeiger enthält d. Adressen d. bei d.
Polizei zum ständ. Aufenthalt gemeldeten Personen, Daten ; Kalender ...
Verleger: Cernauti [Czernowitz] : [R. Eckhardt]; Cernauti [Czernowitz] : R=
Erscheinungsverlauf: [1.]1922; damit Ersch. eingest., 1922 - 1922
Signatur: ZB 10381

I expect there are later years editions in Suceava.
Would one of you PLEASE contact the Biblioteca Judeteana din Suceava
And ask for an address directory for Cernauti for any of the years
 from 1930 onward. If they have one could they copy the page listing
the address of Traian Popovici and Fax either you or me this copy.
Fax to me has to be sent to:

Dr. Milton Taylor
Fax: 812-855-6705

Please help.

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