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> Dear all, just a clarification about one of Hardy's messages:
>>> Others like Frau Zwilling and her Zuckermann came to live out their
>>> lives in Czernowitz.
>> Hardy, did you mean to say that Matthias Zwilling and Rosa Zuckermann
>> moved to Czernowitz later? this is not the case, both were
>> Czernowitzers who, in 1945/46 when so many others left, decided for
>> various reasons to remain there. Many others remained as well,
>> though
>> they then left for Israel with the Soviet emigrations in the 1970's.
>> Rosa Zuckermann survived in Bershad, Zwilling in Czernowitz itself.
>> best, Marianne
>> On Jul 26, 2008, at 1:39 PM, cornel fleming wrote:
>>> Hi... hardy, not many ,i agree...but there are some others like
>>> mariannes
>>> cousin felix and some others i met there. Old czernowitz is not
>>> there, but
>>> there are still jews...and i think there will remain a jewish
>>> presence! As
>>> to your question,i got out in 1945 because my mother married an
>>> officer in
>>> the Czech army who came to czernowitz. Regards, cornel
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>>> Hi Cornel,
>>> How many old time Czernowitzer( or their descendants) live in
>>> Czernowitz
>>> today ?
>>> Dr Joseph Burg and my class-mate Dr Bursuc are the only ones.
>>> Others like Frau Zwilling and her Zuckermann came to live out
>>> their
>>> lives in Czernowitz.
>>> In 1946 Stalin lifted the Iron Curtain for reasons known only to
>>> the
>>> Kremlin.
>>> They gave us status of " Repatriati " to return to our homeland-
>>> Rumania !
>>> This resulted in a mass exodus. Schools closed in mid term for
>>> lack
>>> of pupils.
>>> When did you get out ?
>>> Am Israel Hai ,our list is here, but Czernowitz of our
>>> dreams is
>>> gone forever.
>>> Hardy
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