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Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 16:35:53 +0100
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Email must be working to some extent - I have been in email contact with my
friend who is currently in Cz, also with Jane Rostos in S Bukovina.

My friend writes from Cz (25 July):

"I've had most awful bad luck here so far. Apart from the afternoon I
arrived and the following morning, it's been raining heavily almost all the
time, night and day, with tremendous shows of thunder and lightning.
There's a severe low pressure area centred on SW Ukraine/S. Poland/
Slowakia/ Romania which has been causing the problem. The streets have been
awash with water and mud for three whole days now. Luckily, this morning
it's at least fair - but there's more rain forecast for the weekend. The
result is that I've been able to do much less than I thought I would. In
fact yesterday it was so bad I was more or less confined to the hotel the
whole day. I was intending to leave on Sunday morning, but I've told the
hotel this morning that I'll be staying another three nights. Let's hope by
then the low pressure has gone somewhere else!"


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> To all who during the last week, have tried to get in touch
> with people in the Western Ukraine, or the Southern Bucovina;
> They have had horrible storms and flooding in the region,
> power-lines are down, E-mail does not work.
> Mimi

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