[Cz-L]Volunteers who will clear the Jewish cemetery of weeds and bushes.

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Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 19:03:20 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>

Hello Yefim and members of the Cz.-List

The volunteers who will come to Chernivtsi to clear the Jewish cemetery
of weeds and bushes are coming through the non-governmental, not for profit
organization named SVIT Ukraine. You can read more about this organization
on their web-site:
> http://www.ytnf.org/

SVIT is allied to similar organizations in many other countries.

The volunteers will come from many different countries and will be in
Chernivtsi for two weeks. The city administration of Chernivtsi
has promised to have the bushes growing in the cemetery cut. Then the
volunteers will collect these bushes and the city will remove them.
Then the volunteers will pull out the remaining weeds.

All negotiations with the Chernivtsi city government were made by SVIT.
I have nothing but praise, admiration and thanks to Julia Miyasyshevka,
the head of SVIT Ukraine. Her persistent efforts have yielded results,
which I could never have achieved myself.

I was advised to apply to SVIT, by Christian Hermann, a member of
this list,who works for IJAB Germany and by John Myers of SCI Germany.
Both of them have been of tremendous help and especially Christian Hermann
has provided me with direction, information, guidance and encouragement,
at every step of the way.

This work will be done only on a small part of the cemetery
The total size of the cemetery is about 62500 sq. meter or 6.25 Hektar.
I estimate (this is only my estimate), that the volunteers, this year,
will clear only about 5% of the cemetery.
It is a small beginning, I was too late this year in applying to SVIT.
I already have assurances that next year, there will be a larger work-camp,
hopefully to clear the whole cemetery.

Hopefully the city administration will understand that maintaining
the cemeteries, is ultimately useful in attracting tourists
and upholding the pride and good reputation of the city.

This project is important not only for the clearing of weeds
 from the cemetery, but also in order to bring together young people
 from various countries, in effort to teach tolerance, understanding
and mutual respect.


> Hi Miriam,
> My name is Yefim Rabinovich from NYc. I spoked to you few years back.
> If it is not dificult for you can you describe to me the Volunteers
> undertaken -what it is.
> Thanks in advance,
> Yefim

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