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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 12:44:27 -0400
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Dear Czernowitzers,

This morning I received from the city administration of Chernivtsi
The letter copied below:

> Dear Ms. Miriam Taylor,
> Thank you very much for your letter about Zankovetska Street. We would
> suggest some amendments in the inscription of the plague; its text is
> enclosed to the letter in a separate Word file. As the size of the plague is
> 50 to 80 cm (which is agreed by our authorities) we propose to eliminate the
> Romanian inscription and leave only Ukrainian and English one.
> I equally inform you that the flood has brought substantial damages to our
> city and region, to property and crops. There are a number of victims in the
> region but none has died in Chernivtsi. Now we are trying to overcome its
> outcomes.
> Please inform us about the progress of the plague issue.
> Best regards,
> Tetyana Tatarchuk
Ms. Tetyana Tatarchuk is is charge of public relations
for the city of Chernivtsi.

You may remember that we had wanted the inscription to be in 3 languages,
Ukrainian, Romanian and English. I have asked the opinion of a large number
of members of the list, about omitting the Romanian inscription, all have
answered me that we should go along with the conditions set by the city.

I will now go ahead and ask for price quotations, time of completion
and design proposals from both stone masons and artists in Chernivtsi.
On the advice of some of you, I have decided that the plaque be made
of stone rather than bronze.

Lyudmila Aliyeva, a member of our list who lives in Chernivtsi, has kindly
gathered the following information for me:

We can choose either a black granite or a white marble plaque.
The price for each is the same and depends on size. There is an additional
charge for the inscription, which is priced per letter and also by the type
of letters, Cyrillic letters cheaper and Latin letters, more expensive.
If we choose the white marble, the letters will be painted gold, which
further raises the price.

Because the plaque will be larger than I originally thought, I currently
do not have an exact price quote. But I am sure that the cost of a plaque
containing only the inscriptions and neither a carving of the head
of Popovici, nor other ornamentation, will easily be within the range of
the sum, I know members of the list are willing to contribute.

Of the two types of stone, I am inclined to choose the black granite.
The gold used to paint the letters on white marble, will in time wear off.

The question is whether to have a plain plaque containing only the
inscriptions, or whether to ask some local artists, Anatoliy Piantkovski,
among them, for proposals for more elaborate designs.
If we want the plaque to possibly be put up during the Yiddish conference
in Chernivtsi, this August, we had better decide on a simple plaque.

Please let me know your opinions, as soon as possible.


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