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I have been traveling and so have not had a chance to comment on the
developments on the plaque.
Granite is a far more durable stone than marble.
Acid rain accelerates the deterioration of marble considerably. Granite is
far harder as a material, which contributes considerably to its durability.
Speaking as an architect who also has a little bit of experience carving stone,
I advocate strongly for granite so that this memorial can be as enduring a
testimony as possible.
Eytan Fichman
In a message dated 7/29/2008 1:05:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
We can choose either a black granite or a white marble plaque.
The price for each is the same and depends on size. There is an additional
charge for the inscription, which is priced per letter and also by the type
of letters, Cyrillic letters cheaper and Latin letters, more expensive.
If we choose the white marble, the letters will be painted gold, which
further raises the price.

Because the plaque will be larger than I originally thought, I currently
do not have an exact price quote. But I am sure that the cost of a plaque
containing only the inscriptions and neither a carving of the head
of Popovici, nor other ornamentation, will easily be within the range of
the sum, I know members of the list are willing to contribute.

Of the two types of stone, I am inclined to choose the black granite.
The gold used to paint the letters on white marble, will in time wear off.

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